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Protesters clash with security forces in Beirut

Major fields in the Lebanese capital were also violent Monday night. Lebanese sources announced the return of tensions and unrest to Beirut for the third consecutive night.

 Some protesting youths threw stones, firecrackers and explosives at security forces and fired tear gas at the security forces to disperse them.

Some youths overturned a car parked in Al-Shohada Square. They overturned another car that wanted to capture several youths in the area and then set it on fire.

Meanwhile, officials from Amal and Hezbollah movements called on the youths who were outraged by the release of a derogatory video to be taken to the streets. The video, posted on social media in Lebanon, defied religious beliefs and incited sectarian strife.

Some of the sit-in tents in al-Shohada Square were set on fire tonight as well.

After hours of clashes Monday night between rioters and security forces in al-Shohada Square, peace is now returning, and army and counter-insurgency forces are widely deployed there.

 The interior minister of the Lebanese government on Sunday stressed that the infiltrators had created and dealt with clashes between protesters and security forces

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