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Iran reports successful satellite launch

After three failed attempts, Iran launched a military satellite into space on the fourth attempt. According to the state-run news agency Irna, the Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) launched the satellite «Nur-1» (Licht-1) on Wednesday in an undisclosed desert area and successfully placed in an orbit of 425 kilometers in two stages. The successful satellite launch was a major achievement for the Islamic Republic, the IRGC statement said.

In February the launch of the 130 kilogram “Safar” (Triumph) satellite from the Semnan space center in central Iran was successful. However, the satellite could not reach the desired orbit due to its low speed. Before that, two more attempts had failed.

According to Tehran, the Iranian satellites are supposed to only provide data on weather, natural disasters and agriculture and not pursue any military objectives. Therefore, the use is also in accordance with international regulations.

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