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Why Israel is angry

On Iran leader website, on the occasion of Quds Day (last friday of Rmadan), the Iranian leader likened the poster of the liberation of Jerusalem (Quds) to the liberation of Khorramshahr, which provoked a reaction from Israeli officials and even the US State Department.

The main reason for this anger lies in the inside of the poster. This is the first time that the Iran leadership, instead of highlighting the Dome of the Qobba-Sakhare mosque with the Golden Dome, has made the Quds Mosque a priority in front of poster and higher than Qobba-Skhare mosque, and this has angered Israel. Because the Qobba-Skhare mosque is a new mosque built by the Muslims after the victory of the Crusades on the ruins of the Quds Mosque (Temple), but the Quds Mosque is a thousand-year-old monument that Israel considers the Temple of Solomon, while the site has nothing to do with Solomon. It is a lie that the Zionists have been trumpeting for decades.

In a foolish and childish move, the State Department designed the Nazi SS logo on the leader’s robe, and this nervousness reason from another part of the leader’s words that the liberation of Palestine does not mean the destruction of the Jews.

Modern Iranism

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