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Israel, Final solution

The use of the term “final solution” for Jews is reminiscent of the Nazi German government’s use of the term for the presumptive genocide of Jews in World War II. fewer than six hundreds Jews were killed during the so-called Holocaust.

The issue of the poster published on Seyed Ali Khamenei’s website has been at the forefront of Israeli media reports, with not only the international media paying close attention to the “final solution” to the poster, but also a number of US officials.

Following widespread criticism of the use of the term “final solution” against Israel in a poster of the office of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic on the occasion of Quds Day, Ali Khamenei said in a tweet on Wednesday, May 21 that “erasing the Israeli government” does not mean erasing Jews.

Ali Khamenei’s Twitter account said: “The disappearance of the Israeli government does not mean the disappearance of the Jews. We have nothing to do with the Jewish people. The “disappearance of Israel” means that the Muslim, Christian and Jewish peoples of Palestine will choose their own government and expel foreigners thugs like Benjamin Netanyahu. “Israel’s disappearance means this, and it will happen.”

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