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Merkel does not want to deny responsibility to Trump

For the first time, Angela Merkel spoke in detail about the events in the USA. She avoided questions about Donald Trump as far as possible. All developments in the Liveticker.
Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) evasively commented on the responsibility of US President Donald Trump for police violence and racism in the USA. When asked whether Trump played a role in polarization in the United States, Merkel said on Thursday on the ZDF program “Was nun, Frau Merkel”: “I think that the political style is already a very controversial one. She said that society in the United States is very polarized. Her demand on politics is to bring together and reconcile.

When asked if she still had confidence in Trump, Merkel said, “I work with the elected presidents around the world. And of course with the American one. And I hope that we can bring about a good peace in the country.” What she discusses with Trump, she doesn’t talk about in public. “All I can do is hope that we can work together.” She said she was glad that many people in the United States were doing their part.

African-American George Floyd, killed in a brutal police raid, has been officially autopsied as infected with the coronavirus. However, the infection was not related to his death, especially since it had been known since April and he “most likely” no longer had any symptoms, according to the autopsy report published on Wednesday evening (local time). Floyd’s family had agreed to the publication, it said.
US Attorney General claims that “foreign countries” fuel protests and division in the US
The U.S. government is making an impact from abroad on the protests against racism and police violence, which have been going on for days and have sometimes turned into violence. Foreign actors are involved on all sides, said Secretary of Justice William Barr at a press conference on Thursday. In addition, “extremist agitators” tried to increase the division in US society after the killing of black George Floyd in a police operation. There is evidence that “the Antifa and other similar extremist groups” and “actors of different political convictions” were involved in inciting violence.

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