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What happened in the last moments of George Floyd’s life?

The death of a black American man during his arrest by police has sparked nationwide protests in the United States. George Floyd, 46, died after being arrested by police outside a store in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

A video of Floyd’s arrest on May 24 shows a white police officer, Derek Chauvin, pressing his knee to his neck, which was lying on the ground.

Mr Chauvin, 44, has been charged with manslaughter.

The story began with a report of a counterfeit $ 20 bill to police. On the evening of May 25, a grocery store called “Cup Foods” where Mr. Floyd had bought cigarettes called police.

A store employee called police to sue Floyd, who was suspected of using a counterfeit $ 20.

Mr. Floyd moved to Minneapolis a few years ago and previously lived in Houston, Texas, where he grew up. Like millions of other Americans who became unemployed with the outbreak of the all-pervading coronavirus, he recently lost his job as a security guard at a restaurant.

Mr. Floyd was a regular customer of the Cup Foods store. In an interview with the Prophet’s Network, store owner mike Abumayyaleh described him as a lovable man who had never caused trouble.

But on the day of this incident, Mr. Abu Abumayyaleh was not at work and his teenage employee reported the counterfeit banknote to the police because he wanted to comply with store rules.

According to documents released by police, a store employee called the operator at 9:01 a.m. to call 911 (Emergency Service and Police Number) and asked Floyd to return the cigarettes, but “he has no intention of doing so.”

According to the documents, the store employee told the operator that Floyd appeared to be “drunk” and “out of control.”

Shortly after the call, at about 8:08 p.m., two police officers arrived. Mr. Floyd and two others were sitting in the same car.

One of the two officers, Thomas Lane, approached the car, pulled out three of his guns, and ordered Mr. Floyd to show him his hands. The prosecutor’s office did not say why Mr Lane thought he should use a weapon.

Lynn grabbed Floyd by the arm and pulled him out of the car. Floyd also resisted police handcuffing,” the prosecutor said.

However, when the handcuffs were tied to Floyd’s hands, he calmed down and Mr. Lane explained to him that he would be arrested on charges of “using counterfeit money.”

But when officers tried to get Floyd into the police car, a fight broke out between them.

At around 8:14 p.m., Mr Floyd, who was “resisting police, fell to the ground and told officers he was terrified of tight spaces.”

At that moment, Shuvin’s understanding reached the scene, and both officers tried to put Floyd in the police car.

According to the report, at 20:19, Shuvin pulled George Floyd out of the driver’s seat and lay him on the ground.

Floyd fell to the ground with his face facing the ground and still holding a bracelet. Witnesses to the incident began filming Floyd, who looked distraught.

The moments, which were recorded on several mobile phones and widely shared on social media, seem to depict the last minutes of George Floyd’s life.

Several police officers had caught Mr. Floyd, and at the same time, Chauvin’s grasp was pushing his left knee between his head and neck. “I can’t breathe,” Floyd said one after the other. He called his mother and begged, “Please, please, please.”

According to the prosecutor’s office, Mr. Chauvin pressed his knee to Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. But by about the sixth minute, Floyd was no longer reacting. Video footage of the incident shows that Floyd’s voice is no longer being heard. It was then that witnesses asked police officers to take his pulse.

An agent named Jia Kyung grabbed Floyd’s right wrist but “couldn’t find his pulse.” The rest of the police stood motionless.

At 8:27 p.m., Derek Chevin lifted his knee from Floyd’s neck, but he made no move. Floyd was then taken by ambulance to Henpin Medical Center.

An hour later, it was announced that he had died. Before his death, Floyd had spoken to a close friend named Christopher Harris. Harris advised him to call a temporary job center. According to him, falsification was not something that would harmonize with Floyd’s character.

“How he died was meaningless,” Harris said. “He begged you to stay alive. When you do your best to believe in a system you know is not designed for you, when you are constantly seeking justice through legal means and you don’t get it.” “Then you go about enforcing the law in your own way.”

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