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Caesar Law against Iran’s Coalition

“We are concerned about the political and economic developments in Syria and the attempts by the US to exert economic pressure on Syria that affects ordinary people,” Sarif said in Moscow on Monday.

During negotiations with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov Tehran’s Syrian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif expressed concern about the economic pressure exerted by the United States on Syria.

“The US is doing everything it can to destabilize our region and Syria, but it will not achieve its goal,” he stressed.

The economic situation in Syria has worsened following the entry into force of new US sanctions under the “Caesar Law”, which affects almost all sectors of the Syrian economy. The sanctions should also affect foreign companies and private individuals who cooperate with the Syrian government.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry has described Washington’s actions as “economic terrorism”. The Russian Ambassador in Damascus, Alexander Yefimov, said in his congratulatory speech on Russia’s day that Russia would not leave Syria alone in the confrontation with the “economic terror” of the West.

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