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Lawsuit against Apple in China

Apple faces a patent lawsuit in China
Shanghai Zhizhen Network Technology, a company specializing in artificial intelligence, is demanding compensation from the Californians in the amount of around 10 billion yuan – the equivalent of 1.2 billion euros.

The Chinese company accuses Apple of having infringed one of its patents for a digital assistant whose architecture is similar to Apple’s Siri assistant.
Shanghai Zhizhen, also known as Xiao-i, is calling on Apple to stop selling, manufacturing and using the affected products.

China’s Supreme Court ruled in June that Xiao-i holds the patent for the virtual assistant in China. This put an end to a lawsuit that had been running since 2012.
China is Apple’s most important sales market outside the USA. The Group did not respond immediately to a request for a statement.

In NASDAQ trading, Apple’s share price at times rose 3.46 percent to 439.74 dollars.
(Collaboration: Raffaele Huang)

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