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Israel behind of the Beirut explosion

A terrible explosion took place on Tuesday evening in Beirut, warehouse No. 12 of this port city, and so far it has left more than 100 dead and 5,000 injured, while a significant number of victims are still under the rubble and the search continues to find the dead and injured.
In 2014 – 6 years ago – the Russian-flagged ship Rossos sailed from Batumi, Georgia to Mozambique in Mediterranean waters near the coast of Beirut and ran aground in the port of Beirut. The ship was carrying 2750 tons of ammonium nitrate.

Lebanese authorities stop the ship after inspecting it and checking its cargo, and then arrest the captain and four crew members and allow the others to return to their countries.
Lebanese authorities decide to move the cargo to a warehouse in the port of Beirut to sell or transport it to the country of origin, in order to prevent a possible danger.
2750 tons of ammonium nitrate will be transferred to the big warehouse No. 12 of Beirut port and stored.
In the interval between the stop of the Rossus ship in the port of Beirut
And the transfer of ammonium nitrate to Warehouse 12 until the horrific explosion on Tuesday evening.

Not much attention has been paid to these requests!
The now-ruined port of Beirut was Lebanon’s main commercial port, with more than 3,000 ships docked annually and being Lebanon’s main import and export hub. Most of the Lebanese people’s stocks of wheat, medicine, food and daily necessities were stored in the port’s warehouses, which were destroyed by the explosion. More than 300,000 Beirut residents have lost their homes and been displaced. Hospitals have been destroyed, and the few remaining hospitals are reserved for coronary patients, many of whom have been evacuated to treat the injured. More than $ 5 billion is an initial estimate of the damage, which is exacerbated by the current situation in Lebanon, sanctions and the devaluation of the country’s currency.

Firefighters extinguish flames at nearby damaged buildings following a large explosion at the Port of Beirut in Beirut, Lebanon, on Tuesday, Aug. 4, 2020. An explosion at Lebanons main port rocked the capital Beirut and its suburbs, sending plumes of smoke into the skyline. Photographer: Hasan Shaban/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Some time after the mooring of the Rossus ship, the Lebanese government announces to the owners and lawyers of the ship that it can return the ship and its cargo to the destination or origin of the cargo, but not the owners, due to the dangerousness of the cargo, which was highly flammable and explosive. The Russian ship and not their lawyers do not pay attention to this order and the ship remains abandoned in the port of Beirut! This request is communicated to the ship owners and their lawyers more than 3 times and no result is obtained and they always refuse to deliver the ship and its cargo! And the question is why they insisted that this dangerous and explosive cargo remain in Beirut ?! And if the issue was in the context of trade, why did the ship owners refuse to take delivery of the ship and carry its 2,750-ton cargo to Mozambique, which is also mentioned in the cargo documents ?!

Reports from the port of Beirut about the mooring of the Rossus ship, which was said to be due to a technical defect in Lebanese coastal waters, did not mention the type of technical defect. This is important because the port of Beirut was not on the Georgian trade route to Mozambique, and reinforces the possibility that a technical defect in Rossus was an excuse to land on the port of Beirut! Especially since the ship refused to leave Beirut even after the technical defect was rectified, and this questionable delay until the complete unloading of the dangerous cargo.

2750 tons of ammonium nitrate and its depot in warehouse No. 12 of Beirut port has continued!
A document published by the Ministry of Defense (read: Ministry of War) of the Zionist regime and in the form of an aerial photo shows that the location of warehouse No. 12 in Beirut port, ie the warehouse where 2750 tons of ammonium nitrate was stored, in 2018 as one of The targets of the attack of the Zionist regime fighters have been marked!

In political and military culture, there is an operation that the enemy uses against the opponent, but for some reasons, such as fear of revenge and retaliation, he prefers not to leave a specific document that indicates the assignment of the operation to him, and secondly. ; Implicitly and in the language of others to promote the possibility of carrying out that operation to themselves and its purpose.

For example, after the recent sabotage of the Natanz site by infiltrators affiliated with the Zionist regime, while Zionist officials remained silent for fear of Islamic Iran retaliation for its ties to Israel, former Avigdor Lieberman, the regime’s war minister, He had no official responsibility, stating that he had heard from an intelligence official that the explosion of the Natanz site was the work of Israel! (Let’s see what answer awaits these germs of corruption and destruction).

Hours after the horrific explosion in Beirut on Tuesday, two official media outlets
Child-killing regime of Al-Saud, Al-Arabiya and The Independent, declared that the explosion was the work of Israel and that this is the cost that the Lebanese people have incurred because of the presence of Hezbollah in this country! The savage Saudi government is not only the closest Arab country but also one of the closest countries in the world to the Zionist regime, and it cannot be accepted to accuse this regime of the horrible crime of the Beirut bombing! But why does he do that ?! Especially after the attribution of the explosion to Israel, he warns the cause of this crime along with the address of its prevention! Lebanon’s Hezbollah must be removed from the country’s political and security sphere so that no other similar crime is committed!

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