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THE BEST Persian Food in Paris

Mazeh, Colbeh, Shabestan

Persian, or Iranian, food is found throughout Paris. Anyone craving authentic Middle Eastern cuisine need only do a general search of their immediate neighborhood and something will always pop up.

Newcomers to Paris are always interested to see what a prominent Arab community the city encompasses. The Persian presence, however, is equally as notable and thanks to this migration of culture the people of Paris can enjoy Iranian food any day of the week.

There are a few dishes found in Persian kitchens that make for an unmissable experience of the cuisine; I’ll let you in on a few of them and where to find them in Paris.

Shabestan in Paris

Shabestan is the best Persian restaurant in Paris in which to enjoy a sit down dinner experience of the cuisine. It is situated in the far west of the city, past the Eiffel Tower and over the Seine in the 16th arrondissement .

While Shabestan sticks to traditional Iranian recipes for the most part on their menu, there are dishes here that have been clearly merged with French cooking techniques.

Colbeh in Paris
The little Persian gem that is Colbeh. It’s the most affordable place in Paris to enjoy Iranian cuisine and is very central; Paris’ Botanical Gardens are just a short walk away.

In Iran there is a bizarre yet wonderful dish called Fesenjan, which is essentially stewed pomegranates. Yes, you read that correctly, a stew made of fruit and walnuts.


Many people find Fesenjan quite unfathomable at first hearing of its existence, but are always pleasantly surprised after actually tasting the dish. Colbeh makes their rendition of Fesenjan and many other traditional Persian dishes.

Mazeh in Paris
Across the Seine from Shabestan is another well loved Persian restaurant of Paris. Mazeh is the restaurant of choice for the Iranian communities of this area, they say that’s how you know the food to be authentic.

Most Middle Eastern cuisines make frequent use of egg plant as a dominant ingredient. Baba ghanoush is a popular Lebanese dip that is loved by health-fanatics around the world for its tasty yet simple combination of ingredients.

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