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Category: Economy

Lawsuit against Apple in China

Apple faces a patent lawsuit in China
Shanghai Zhizhen Network Technology, a company specializing in artificial intelligence, is demanding compensation from the Californians in the amount of around 10 billion yuan – the equivalent of 1.2 billion euros.

The Chinese company accuses Apple of having infringed one of its patents for a digital assistant whose architecture is similar to Apple’s Siri assistant.
Shanghai Zhizhen, also known as Xiao-i, is calling on Apple to stop selling, manufacturing and using the affected products.

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Microsoft puts sales calls to rest with TikTok

The future of the Chinese video platform TikTok in the USA is unclear. TikTok is apparently trying to be lenient with a sale of the US business of Donald Trump.

(COMBO) This combination of pictures created on August 01, 2020 shows the logo of the social media video sharing app Tiktok displayed on a tablet screen in Paris, and US President Donald Trump at the White House in Washington, DC, on July 30, 2020. – President Donald Trump said July 31, 2020 he will bar fast-growing social media app TikTok from the United States as American authorities have raised concerns the service could be a tool for Chinese intelligence. US officials and lawmakers in recent weeks have voiced fears of the wildly popular video platform being used by Beijing for nefarious purposes, but the company has denied any links to the Chinese government. (Photos by Lionel BONAVENTURE and JIM WATSON / AFP)

After the announcement by US President Donald Trump (74) to ban the popular video platform TikTok in the USA, the future of the smartphone app is uncertain. The online network of the China-based parent company ByteDance declared on Saturday that it does not plan to leave the USA. Trump had announced on Friday that he would enforce the ban by decree or use the special economic rights to which he is entitled. Meanwhile, according to the Wall Street Journal, advanced sales negotiations between Microsoft and TikTok have been suspended, and Trump’s advisor Peter Navarro (71) told Fox News on Sunday night that the president will take action on Sunday or Monday with regard to TikTok. Originally, Trump said he wanted to enforce the ban on Saturday. However, it remained unclear at first how such a ban could be implemented. Previously, US authorities had expressed concerns that the network, which is used by almost one billion people worldwide, would pass on user data to the Chinese government.

In the U.S., TikTok was most recently reviewed by the Committee on Foreign Investment (CFIUS), which investigates transactions that affect U.S. national security. So far, TikTok has denied all allegations of user data leakage. According to Bytedance, TikTok’s data is stored in the USA, with a copy in Singapore.

10 questions you can ask during the interview

It is important for you to be well prepared for the interview. You should gather a lot of information about the company in advance and think up suitable questions. For example, questions like these:

Question 1: Will the position be newly created or refilled?
With this typical question in the interview you signal interest in the advertised position and the strategic orientation of the company. You can also use it to obtain information about how your future position within the company is to be classified: Is it a regular replacement? Or is the position being created from scratch? This may indicate that the subject area in which you will be working is fairly new to the company.

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