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Category: Medicine

US President Trump infected with Corona

According to US President Donald Trump has tested positive for the coronavirus. His wife Melania has also been infected. The all-clear was given by Vice President Pence: His test was negative.

After one of his closest advisors was infected with the corona virus, US President Donald Trump has now also tested positive for the virus. Trump confirmed on Twitter that his wife Melania had also been infected with the virus. “We will begin our quarantine and recovery immediately. We will get through this TOGETHER,” Trump wrote.

His wife, Melania, also commented on Twitter. Like too many Americans this year, she and her husband had gone into domestic quarantine after a positive corona test, the First Lady wrote. “We are well and have postponed all upcoming appointments.”

Trump’s personal physician: President may continue in office
Trump’s doctor Sean Conley confirmed the test result. “The President and First Lady are both doing well at this time,” he wrote, “Rest assured that I expect the President to continue to perform his duties without interruption.

Trump and the First Lady had undergone the corona test after Trump’s close advisor, Hope Hicks, tested positive for the virus. “She tested positive,” Trump told Fox News television. “We spend a lot of time with her.”

In Wednesday’s photos, Hicks was seen at Andrews Joint Base outside of the presidential helicopter Marine One, in close proximity to Trump’s advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner. Neither of them wore any mouth and nose protection. Trump speculated that Hicks may have contracted the disease from military personnel or police officers there.

Corona patients Heals by bee stings

An Iranian researcher Dr Azim-zadeh khiavi claims that it cures corona by bee stings (venum) and can even act as a vaccine. Because it is a strong stimulant of the immune system. He observed that a critically ill coronary patient recovered quickly after being bitten. For many years, traditional Iranian medicine has used bee venom to treat autoimmune diseases

Russia plans mass vaccination

Russian health authorities are preparing to launch a mass vaccination campaign against coronavirus in October, the health minister said.

Russian media quoted Mikhail Murashko as saying that doctors and teachers would be the first to receive the vaccine.

Reuters said, citing anonymous sources, that Russia’s first potential vaccine would be approved by regulatory authorities later this month.

However, some experts are concerned about Russia’s accelerated approach.

On Friday, the leading expert on infectious diseases in the US, Dr Anthony Fauci, said he hoped that Russia – and China – would “actually test the vaccine” before administering it to anyone.

Dr Fauci said the US should have a “safe and effective” vaccine by the end of this year.

“I don’t think we will have vaccines so far ahead of us that we will have to rely on other countries for vaccine procurement,” he told U.S. lawmakers.
Many potential coronavirus vaccines are being developed worldwide and more than 20 are currently in clinical trials.

Mr Murashko, who was quoted by Interfax news agency, said the Gamaleya Institute, a research facility in Moscow, had completed clinical trials of a vaccine and that papers were being prepared for its registration.

“We are planning more comprehensive vaccinations for October,” he said, adding that teachers and doctors would be the first to receive the vaccine.

Last month Russian scientists said the first trials of an adenovirus-based vaccine developed by the Gamaleya Institute had been completed and the results were a success.