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Corona patients Heals by bee stings
An Iranian researcher Dr Azim-zadeh khiavi claims that it cures corona by bee stings (venum) and can even act as a vaccine. Because it is a strong stimulant of the immune system. He observed that a critically ill coronary patient recovered quickly after being bitten. For many years, traditional... Read more
Russia plans mass vaccination
Russian health authorities are preparing to launch a mass vaccination campaign against coronavirus in October, the health minister said. Russian media quoted Mikhail Murashko as saying that doctors and teachers would be the first to receive the vaccine. Reuters said, citing anonymous sources, that Russia’s first potential vaccine would... Read more
Medical tourism in Iran
Iran, and more specifically Tehran, has now become capital in the field of cosmetic surgeries in the world, especially in nose jobs. In 2017, Iran’s medical tourism sector estimated worth was about 1.7 billion US dollars, which is expected to grow to 4 billion US dollars by 2020. Read more