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Iran  will Build, Upgrade As Many As 800 Battle Tanks
ran’s Deputy Defense Minister Reza Mozaffarinia says Tehran has plans to manufacture or upgrade 700 to 800 battle tanks. In remarks quoted on July 18 by Iran’s Tasnim news agency, Mozaffarinia did not specify the type of tanks he was referring to or how many would be newly built... Read more
Russia’s New Missiles
“A low-flying, low-visibility cruise missile armed with a nuclear warhead and possessing a practically unlimited range, unpredictable flight path and the capability to impregnate practically all interception lines is invulnerable to all existing and future anti-missile and air defense weapons,” Putin said, according to the state news service TASS.... Read more
Iranians Prayed for Rain, but came Snow
Some had started praying for rain. Others were thinking about migrating. The mountains towering over the city were bare and brown, deprived of their usual winter dusting of snow. “God is always testing people with various kinds of disasters,” Ayatollah Reza Ostadi, a member of the Supreme Council of... Read more
Kurdish referendum creates a second Israel
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan Wednesday that with the Kurdish referendum, the US and other cross-regional powers are “creating a new Israel in the Middle East.” He urged an agreement between Iran and Turkey for dealing the issue and “facing all problems in the Islamic world... Read more
Catalonia condemns Spanish government action
Hundreds of people in Catalonia have been injured in violent clashes with police in the wake of a controversial referendum held in Spain’s autonomous region on seceding from the European country. Barcelona mayor, Ada Colau, said in a statement on Sunday afternoon that disturbances across Catalonia earlier in the... Read more
Stephen miller new goebbels

Stephen miller new goebbels

News September 22, 2017 0

Miller is a Senior Advisor to the President. Part of the close to Trump West Wing team. He recently distinguished himself as the preparer of the Executive Order re immigration/banning entry. The order that resulted in a court challenge which Trump has thus far lost. Miller’s performance on the... Read more