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Category: News

ISIS attack on Afghanistan prison

The attack claimed by the Islamic State (IS) group began on Sunday evening when car bombs were detonated by armed men at the entrance to the prison.

Eight of the attackers were killed in a fight lasting almost 20 hours, a spokesman for Nangarhar province said.

It is estimated that up to 300 prisoners are still on the run.
At the time of the attack, 1,793 prisoners were in jail – most of them Taliban and IS fighters, a security source told AFP news agency. It was not immediately clear whether the attack had been staged to free certain prisoners.

Those accused of common crimes were also held in prison.

According to the province spokesman, 1,025 escaped prisoners were returned to prison, and 430 were rescued. More than 50 people were injured.

Prison breakouts are a well-known tactic for fighters in Afghanistan.

But the well-coordinated group attack on a prison complex in Jalalabad is one of the largest and most complex attacks claimed by IS in the country.

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Coronavirus: Victoria, state of disaster

Following a wave of coronavirus infections, the Australian state of Victoria has declared a state of catastrophe and imposed new restrictions.

According to the new rules, which came into force at 18.00 (08.00 GMT), a night-time curfew applies to residents of the state capital Melbourne.

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Iran reports fire in nuclear plant

Iran’s nuclear programme is under particular scrutiny by the international community. Now the Iranian nuclear authority reports an incident at a plant in Natans where uranium is enriched. The details remain unclear. Only a damaged shed has been officially reported.

According to the Iranian Atomic Energy Organisation (AEOI) there has been a fire at the Iranian nuclear plant in Natans. An industrial shed had been damaged, said AEOI spokesman Behrus Kamalwandi. He did not say exactly what happened. According to him, no one died in the incident and work at the plant was not affected.

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