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Houthi Drone Attacks on UAE Airports video
The Houthi, the Sammad-3 drone launched three attacks on the EUA airport Read more
Iran deploying warships to western Atlantic
Iran is set to deploy a fleet of warships to the western Atlantic Ocean in the coming months, a naval commander said Friday, in an apparent bid to counter the presence of a US aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf. Rear-Admiral Touraj Hassani told the state-run IRNA news site... Read more
Russia attack Ukraine

Russia attack Ukraine

Politics November 26, 2018 0

The Ukrainian military said Sunday that Russian boats opened fire on and seized three of its ships near Crimea, escalating a standoff over the Kerch Strait, a key waterway that holds strategic importance for both countries. This is the first time the two militaries have come into open conflict... Read more
Pakistani Age-Old Ties with Iran
(FNA)- Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan ordered the country’s officials to double efforts to further broaden relations and cooperation with Iran in defiance of the US attempts to pressure Tehran. “Iran is a friendly and neighboring state and we have age-old relations with the country,” Imran Khan told FNA... Read more
Why US Targeting Iran

Why US Targeting Iran

Politics November 17, 2018 0

Iran has condemned a United Nations resolution that accuses the Islamic Republic of violating human rights, stressing that the measure’s sponsors are playing a “political charade.” The resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly’s Human Rights Committee was approved Thursday in a 85-30, with 68 abstentions. 10 states were... Read more
Trump Reject Globalism
“We reject globalism and embrace the doctrine of patriotism,” Trump said in a clear rejection of the half-century old international institutions that emerged from the devastation of World War II. It was a declaration of the supremacy of sovereignty, and the idea that all nations should embrace their own... Read more