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A trilingual inscription has been discovered in Iran
Two Iranian researchers, M. Doorodi from Shiraz and S. Delshad from Berlin, have announced that a hitherto undocumented trilingual inscription has been discovered on the hillside around the tomb of Darius in Naqshe-Rustam.The discovery of the inscription, which had remained hidden under dirt deposits and lichen for over two... Read more
Iran’s Army ‘offensive’ tactics drill
The maneuver is aimed at assessing new structural changes to the Army’s ground forces with over 12,000 forces participating to exercise state-of-the-art offensive tactics. Armored vehicles, artillery units, rapid reaction forces, mechanized infantry, electronic warfare, telecommunications and UAVs were deployed to the vast maneuver area. Read more
Israel Hatzolah

Israel Hatzolah

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Hatzalah (“rescue” or “relief” in Hebrew: הצלה‬) is a volunteer emergency medical service (EMS) organization serving mostly Jewish communities around the world. Most local branches operate independently of each other, but use the common name. The Hebrew spelling of the name is always the same, but there are many... Read more
Israel and Hezbollah missiles
Israel has reportedly sent strongly-worded messages to Lebanon, delivered through France, warning the Arab country of the consequences of the precision missiles possessed by the Hezbollah resistance movement. According to Israeli media, the issue was discussed at length during a Wednesday meeting between the regime’s President Reuven Rivlin and... Read more
Parvar Protected Area, North of Iran
The region has three different climates: sylvan, montane and dry. Affected by its varied environment and climate, Parvar Protected Area can be deemed as one of the rich wildlife habitats. En route the protected area, you will come across different natural attractions from eye-catching countryside villages to rivers flowing... Read more
US Defeats in Face of Iranian Nation
Iran Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Lieutenant Commander Brigadier General Hossein Salami highlighted the US failures in the face of the Iranian nation and said Washington has learned “the art of being defeated”. Speaking at a ceremony held in Tehran on Sunday to mark the anniversary of the massive rallies... Read more