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پل ورسک پل ورسک قدیمیترین پل بزرگ راه آهن ایران است که بدست آلمانی ها و یکی از مهندسین  به همین نام، بیش از هفتاد سال پیش ساخته شده و در روستای ورسک (سوادکوه) جای دارد و آهن در ساختمان آن به کار نرفته است. مردم محل می گویند... Read more
Prothorax elongate; front legs rise from posterior end of prothorax and are similar to other legs; females have a long ovipositor. Two families occur in North America: Inocelliidae and Raphidiidae. Biology: Adults and larvae are predaceous; larvae are usually found under bark. Families of Raphidioptera Read more
‎Iran core rights
Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has stressed the importance of holding talks on equal footing, saying the Islamic Republic will never negotiate on its absolute rights. “Iran is ready to hold talks based on an equal footing to help settle ongoing problems, ease international concerns and establish peace and... Read more