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America will soon be fleeing the West Asian region

An IRGC commander and adviser to the Iranian leader said. He said the US would soon flee the West Asian region and the Syrian people would expel Americans from their country.

The IRGC ground forces (SEPAH) in southeastern and northwestern Iran have upgraded Iran’s military power against US and Israeli forces and their allies.

Iran Corps Commander Alerts US

The commander-in-chief of the Revolutionary Guards of Iran (Sepah Pasdaran) told the US, Israel, Britain and Iran’s regional enemies: “We are chasing you, we are finding you and we are taking revenge and If
you do not give up on sedition against Iran we will burn your interests

The world famous Rich

Forbes Magazine published the list of the richest people in the world by the end of November 2019 and Jeff Bezos once again named the richest person in the world.

Forbes Magazine introduced the world’s richest people in the past, and by the end of November, Jeff Bezos was once again the richest person in the world. There are currently 2 rich people in the world over $ 5 billion, and one of the richest people in the world must have at least $ 2 billion in wealth.

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