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Hotels in Isfahan

Isfahan is known by many names in the world: “half of the world”, “the gem of the Islamic world”, “cultural capital of Islam” among many others. Taking a tour in Isfahan and visiting Esfahan tourist attractions, you’d see that these aren’t just coincidental labels. They are bestowed upon this museum of a city for a reason. Isfahan is the miscellany of best of everything imaginable in an old city of the Middle-East. The epitome of old Iranian urban engineering in the colossal body of Naghsh-e Jahan square, celestial domes of consummate artistry and finesse in its grand mosques and a great number of magnificent palaces, churches and bridges. But for seeing all these cultural and historic wonders one needs a place to stay in the first place and that evokes the question: “Where to stay in Isfahan?” Besides historic monuments and grand squares, Isfahan is also known in Iran for having a great diversity of hotels, hostels and other excellent types of accommodation. From five-star luxury hotels to budget hotels and hostels, different kinds of lodgings are available on the city’s splendid list. Some of Iran’s finest hotels and hostels are built in Isfahan. But regardless of the level of luxury, all Isfahan hotels provide online booking as well as comprehensive information on their services and facilities. Moreover, most of the quality hotels and hostels in Isfahan are located around the main touristic centers of the city. Visitors have an easy access from most of the hotels in Ispahan (the old name of the city) to Naghsh-e Jahan Square, Isfahan Bazaar and many other historic spots in the city. Other types of modern accommodation in Isfahan include traditional guesthouses and youth hostels that offer great services for a modest price. These cheap hostels and guesthouses are Isfahan’s main assets in the competitive market of tourism in Iran.