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Tag: israel

The first overseas naval base of Sepah

General Alireza Tangsiri in Bandar Abbas said: The Navy of the Revolutionary Guard Corps has been given a mission to be present in the distant waters and to have a permanent base.

He added: “The dispatch of the fleet by the IRGC navy to distant waters has been done in the past, and our second fleet was also sent to the waters of the Indian Ocean.”

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Israel, Final solution

The use of the term “final solution” for Jews is reminiscent of the Nazi German government’s use of the term for the presumptive genocide of Jews in World War II. fewer than six hundreds Jews were killed during the so-called Holocaust.

The issue of the poster published on Seyed Ali Khamenei’s website has been at the forefront of Israeli media reports, with not only the international media paying close attention to the “final solution” to the poster, but also a number of US officials.

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Protesters clash with security forces in Beirut

Major fields in the Lebanese capital were also violent Monday night. Lebanese sources announced the return of tensions and unrest to Beirut for the third consecutive night.

 Some protesting youths threw stones, firecrackers and explosives at security forces and fired tear gas at the security forces to disperse them.

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