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Local music festival in Iran’s Kerman

Iran is a country with various ethnicities; and this has resulted in diverse cultures, traditions, costumes and of course folk music. In the 12th Iranian Folk Music Festival in the city of Kerman, the ethnic diversity was evident from the number of the local musical bands taking part in the event.

Bands from the four corners of Iran took to the stage to perform their pieces, each using their own indigenous musical instruments.

Given Iran’s cultural diversity, there’s no surprise that Arabic music is also part of the show here. Misan music ensemble comes from Iran’s southwestern Khuzestan Province, which is home to Iranian Arabs.

To incoming tourists, what catches the eye here is the amazing blend of cultures and languages and of course that’s when the universality of music comes into play.

Organizers say the event is aimed at promoting Iranian folk music. Organizers also hope that events like this will help save some of the lesser-known folk songs and tunes from oblivion.

These soothing tunes are the best manifestation of Iran’s ethnic diversity. The beauty of it is that despite differences in culture, the musical bands here say they are bound together by a strong sense of unity, as they all call themselves Iranian.