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Caesar Law against Iran’s Coalition

“We are concerned about the political and economic developments in Syria and the attempts by the US to exert economic pressure on Syria that affects ordinary people,” Sarif said in Moscow on Monday.

During negotiations with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov Tehran’s Syrian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif expressed concern about the economic pressure exerted by the United States on Syria.

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Putin’s reaction to Russia’s Olympic deprivation

Vladimir Putin criticized Wada’s banning for Russian sports, He said, “I have opinion everyone will really accept it, and that any penalty under the old Olympic law must be individual and cannot have a collective nature.” Anyone who has nothing to do with this offense should not be fined or punished.

The Russian president continued: “Everyone understands this well, and Wada experts know that sport of Russia fines rather than just one person indicate that such decisions have nothing to do with clean sport in the world.” I believe the political motivation lies in the Wada vote, which has nothing to do with the interests of sport and the Olympic spirit.

Kampf gegen Terroristen


Bagdad (Press-TV) – Nach Angaben von irakischen Behörden haben sich am gestrigen Freitag rund 1, 5 Millionen Freiwillige rekrutieret, um gegen extremistische Terroristen der Gruppe Islamischer Staat im Irak und in Syrien ISIS zu kämpfen.
Irakische Behörden melden, dass sich Menschen aus allen Bevölkerungsschichten und Altersgruppen, darunter auch pensionierte Offiziere, für den Kampf gegen ISIS-Terroristen gemeldet haben. Read more