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The Iranian currency plunged against the US dollar
The Iranian currency plunged against the US dollar as the country continues to deal with the economic impact of US sanctions and the coronavirus. According to foreign exchange shops and websites, the rial in the free market on Saturday fell as high as 188,000 against the dollar. The currency... Read more
A new black man killed
Dozens arrested in Atlanta after police shot and torched a man at Wendy’sAt least 36 people have been arrested in Atlanta, reports the Atlanta police spokesman. Police fired tear gas at protesters and closed an interstate as Wendy’s, where an Atlanta police officer shot a black man. One of... Read more
Statues of Christopher Columbus is destroyed
Statues of Christopher Columbus were destroyed and defaced overnight in Boston and Richmond on Wednesday – the latest in a wave of attacks on historical monuments by George Floyd protesters. Most of the violence was directed at Confederate memorials in southern cities. But Columbus, once celebrated for the ‘discovery’... Read more