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Morgan Ortagus celebrate Tirgan

Morgan Ortagus serves as the @StateDept Spokesperson under the leadership of the 70th Secretary of State @SecPompeo.

She said: ”Today, we extend our well-wishes to all those celebrating the ancient Iranian festival of Tirgan. May all people have the freedom to rejoice in these traditions that celebrate life.”

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The Iranian currency plunged against the US dollar

The Iranian currency plunged against the US dollar as the country continues to deal with the economic impact of US sanctions and the coronavirus.

According to foreign exchange shops and websites, the rial in the free market on Saturday fell as high as 188,000 against the dollar.

The currency traded at around 150,000 as the country saw its first case of Covid-19 in February. From 2015, when the Islamic Republic accepted the curtailment of its nuclear program in exchange for sanction relief, the riot has fallen by more than 500% in value.

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Caesar Law against Iran’s Coalition

“We are concerned about the political and economic developments in Syria and the attempts by the US to exert economic pressure on Syria that affects ordinary people,” Sarif said in Moscow on Monday.

During negotiations with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov Tehran’s Syrian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif expressed concern about the economic pressure exerted by the United States on Syria.

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